GAMILY TOUR Ltd. -GAMILY TOURS is a leading brand of locally incorporated regional provider of vehicle rental services. GAMIILY TOURS a Car is the Brand/Trading Name and GAMILY TRAVEL Logistics (EA) Limited is the Company name.

GAMILY TRAVEL logistics (EA) Ltd. is a limited liability company.

We operate a fleet of quality vehicles that meet diverse customer needs. In a relatively short time, we have evolved into a nationwide provider of tailored and affordable solutions of mobility services. Comfort, reliability and value for money, crucial factors in the car rental business, are an integral part of our service, and are the foundations on which we have built our service reputation. Our team of dedicated service professionals continue to place special focus on designing flexible solutions to meet our customers’ varied mobility needs.

Our Objective


We are Customer centric organization and consider this essential for our success. We listen to our customers and provide them superior service exceeding their expectation. Thus earning their trust, respect and confidence.
We believe in safety of our clients and therefore provide well trained, motivated and disciplined English speaking drivers. We also ensure that our vehicles are in sound mechanical condition and they are serviced on time.
We are guided by Ethical principles. We are committed to being open, honest, reliable and respectful in our dealings with our people and stakeholders


Our work promotes international co-operation, friendship, cross-cultural exposure, cultural immersion, peace, understanding, solidarity and breaks new grounds for sustainable social-economic development through voluntary work and volunteering-internships programs in Tanzania. We therefore welcome you to participate in our programs and we will be honored by your participation.

Please pass on our information to your friends and other prospective and potential volunteers!

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